Saturday, July 30, 2005


Over at feministing, Amynda has a wonderful post about the new feminist blog. She explains very well how awful women have things in life and the reasons behind their complaining.

As a pro-feminist male, I applaud Amynda's excellent work and the exciting new feminist blog, feministing. Good job!

Hi, I'm Hugo

I'm Hugo, a pro-feminist male who believes that men oppress women and that women are strong, but also oppressed and victimized persons who need strong men to protect them. I hope you like my blog. Feel free to post anything anti-male here because, while I am myself a male, I despise my gender and wish to demonstrate solidarity with my sisters by publishing a pro-feminist blog.

As a pro-feminist male, I am very conscious of my male privilege and how harmful that is to women. I often discuss that privilege in the women's "history of the body" course that I teach. While I don't believe in self-flagellation for men (well, not really, anymore), I do believe the teachings of my pro-feminist male allies in the authentic men's movement, such as Jackson Katz and Michael Kimmel. Those strong men demand that their brothers take an appropriate degree of responsibility for all the harms that women have suffered throughout history. It is only by assuming such collective responsibility that men can right the wrongs that have been visited upon women.

Furthermore, I believe that it is my duty to inculcate in young men and boys an awareness of their own male privilege so that they can see how harmful it--and their actions based upon it--can be to their sisters. I look forward to your participation at my blog. Discussions of feminist memes, feminist history of the body, feminist jurisprudence, consistent life feminist ethics, and feminist literary criticism, particularly of the deconstructionist type, are most welcome here.